MTV cribs: Sophia edition

Obviously when I found out I was having a girl, I went nuts planning the perfect little girl's nursery. It's beyond cliche but in my vision it had to be a) pink, b) pink and c) chandelier-ed. I'm not even a "pink" sort of girl, but this is what I had to have. In our old house, the walls were blue (Benjamin Moore Iced Slate) already, and I thought pink accents would look pretty darn great against them.

Our old nursery, here:

                      (PBK comfort chair, PBK Avery rug, Ikea Birkeland dresser, mirror and bird cage from Home Sense)

And here:
           (Ancient bookshelf, painted white. Basket from Ikea, ribbon from Michaels. Birdcage and art from HomeSense.)

And here:
                                        (Crib from Sears, Sheets and bedskirt from PBK, wall decals from this Etsy shop).

And those are the only pictures I have from the old room, because I'm forgetful an idiot and didn't take any more. It wasn't until I had her room all packed up for the move that I realized I didn't fully record how her first room looked. I was so distraught over this I considered unpacking and putting everything back together again. But then I drank some wine and forgot about it. 

Her new room in our new house is essentially the same size and layout as her old one, so her room is essentially the most complete room right now. Except it's a horrible shade of beige. And the pink rug is no more, since her new room is carpeted and I'm not the type to put rug on top of carpet. Those people exist. I don't know any of them but I've heard rumours. 

I have the can of paint to finish off her room sitting in the closet and I'm hoping to do it this week. It's Zircon by Sherwin Williams and I think it will look fab. I thought going with a more true grey instead of a blue-grey would class it up a bit. Cause you know, I'm classy and my kid is classy ok. 

UPDATE: Still haven't painted her room. Because I'm lazy. But when I do, boy, am I gonna post some pictures! 

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