Paint and Wallpaper choices

It only took almost a year - but after much humming and hawing we've finally pulled the trigger on a wallpaper for the dining room and a wall colour for the living room, and upstairs/downstairs hallways. The final kick in the pants was when we decided to host Thanksgiving this year. It's a mere three weeks away (Canadian Thanksgiving is October 8th this year), and I couldn't stomach the thought of having my entire family gather together in a room that has flood-water coloured walls.

Seriously - it's the colour of flood water. Muddy, murky poop water. Or something.

Instead, they will be surrounded by the amazingness of this:

It's by Thibaut, called Rothbury Trellis and it's in the metallic on slate gray colour. We ordered it through Primetime Paint and Paper in Toronto. It's called slate gray, but the gray definitely has some blue to it. And the metallic does have a sheen to it, but it's not an overwhelming sheen. It's very pretty! I can't wait to see it up. I'm not looking forward to putting it up however.

And then, using the impending holiday as impetus for painting the living room (which is right next to the dining room and can't very well be left the colour of poop water, can it) and all the hallways, we've decided on Benjamin Moore Stonington gray.

Stonington Gray HC-170

 Once the hallways are painted, I can finally start to decorate them. All the walls are completely as bare as the day we moved in (except for a few family photos downstairs). But in particular the upstairs hallway, which is still bare walled and empty nooked (see my previous post on what to do with "the nook").

Sadsies. It's just a dust-tumbleweed empty canyon of a hallway. With gross oily hand prints or something that are extremely apparent in this photo.

Stay tuned for updates! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do and I can't wait!

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