Nursery Reveal!

At long last, the nursery reveal! I love this room. It's girly but not barfy girly, it's calm, and it's something baby girl can grow into.

The colour on the walls is Sherwin Williams Zircon. It's a true gray, no blues, greens or other hidden weirdness.

The crib is from Sears, the glider and window panels from Pottery Barn Kids. The table is from Ikea, and I spray painted it white.

Sheets and dust ruffle from Pottery Barn Kids (here and here). Chandelier from Ikea.

The dresser is the Ikea Birkland dresser. Lamp from Pottery Barn Kids.

The basket is from Babies R Us. I made the pinboard, and had greeting cards all cutely tucked in it, but baby girl loved ripping them down and trying to wipe her a$$ with them.

This is a photo of our dog Monty as a puppy :)

The bookshelf is approximately eleventy billion years old, and we painted it white. The baskets are from Ikea and I tied ribbons from Michaels on them to gussy them up. The framed bird print and the bird cage are from Homesense. The kid is all mine.

I made the tissue puffs for her first birthday party, and then couldn't bear to throw them away.

Her little piggy bank from grandma and grandpa, and a little bear I got when I bought Burberry perfume that has her birth year stamped on it's foot. 

I love this mirror, from Homesense.

And last but not least, I found these prints in a vintage shop in Stratford Ontario. They're in their original frames, and I love them. The one on the left looks so much like Sophia when she was smaller, I had to buy them.

Hope you enjoyed!

Less pinning, more doing!!

I've pinned what seems like a hundred things I want to try on Pinterest, and haven't really done any of them. Now that the weather is unseasonably warm hot, it's time to grab the spray paint and head outside! And also maybe start getting really worried for the polar bears.

I saw this tutorial on, and although I had never seen the original at Anthropologie, thought it was kinda cute and wanted to try. I had a boring old Ikea vase sitting around that I could sacrifice.

The vase had sort of an off-white matte finish, so I started by spray painting is a glossy true white.

 Ok, so not the most dramatic transformation ever. Let's add a flower!!

Faux fleur, Home Sense $12.99
 I couldn't decide if this fake flower was ugly or not, but since it combined two big trends - orange and newsprint, I decided to go for it.

I snipped off the stem, and glued it to the vase. (No pictures of that because that would be supremely boring!)

Et voila!

Cleary I need to work on incorporating colour...that picture has a whole lotta white in it

A super easy craft for Spring. And by Spring I mean solar flare. It's 25 degrees here people!! (That's 25 degrees in Celsius, to clarify and so you don't think I'm a weirdo).

Just like the Abbey

I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey! I wish I lived there. Have you noticed every room at Downton Abbey has some kind of wall panelling? Chair rail, wood panelling, wainscoting etc... Obviously I need to make my house look more like Downton Abbey so I can wander around pretending I'm Mary Crawley and ordering people to pour my tea while staring at myself in the mirror.

 Sigh. I really should have been born the daughter of an Earl sometime in the early 20th century England. I would have been SOO good at it.

So, with the help of my awesome dad (the Earl of Grantham), we're installing wainscoting in our dining room. It will probably look like look nothing like this when we're done:

The dining room at Downton Abbey

I started by taking all the measurements of the room:

We needed 363" or 30.25' of chair rail (we added up all the wall lengths to determine this). And then to create the boxes within the chair rail space, we doubled that, and then figured each box would be 22' high, and then figured out how many boxes we would do AND OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BORING WHO CARES.

Anyways. We went to home depot and bought chair rail and decorative moulding. The Earl told me how much to buy and so that is how much I bought. Let's not turn this into a math lesson ok?

Then we drew guidelines for the chair rail and the boxes on the wall. It looks like some kind of ghetto Trompe-l'œil.

I can't wait until this is done. The dining room is currently so boring and beige. I've got some wallpaper samples on the way to check out for above the chair rail.

See the candidates on my pinterest board. And stay tuned for more pictures of the progress!

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