For all you Looky Loo's

See what I did there? Ha.

Our main floor powder room has actually been mostly finished for quite a while now (considering all we did was wallpaper and put up shelves) but since it took me foreeeever to find, order and receive the shelves, it's been hanging in Loo Limbo. Until now! Behold.

Before, yellow as heck:

Hieeee! There's me and my big fancy camera that I don't know how to use.

And After:
(seriously, some one teach me how to take pictures. Although the room is like only 8x3 or something so it's a little hard to get up in there.)

I found the wallpaper at Home Depot, which surprised me. The mirror is from Home Sense, and the frame and photo are from Ikea. How inspired of me, I know. I actually just ordered this print from this Etsy shop, and I'm going to try it out in there. But I also might want to put it in my bedroom, so we'll see!

And here are the shelves (purchased here), behind the toilet. Sorry, I did not get a compelling photo of the toilet. It's just a toilet.

I found the glass box at Home Sense, the Voluspa candle was a gift, and I found the little framed picture for $5 at the St. Lawrence Antique Market in Toronto. It's of this Victorian lady stepping out of a carriage. It's cool.

And of course, a basket to hold extra rolls of toilet paper. Because you wouldn't a simple trip to the bathroom to become awkward for your guests. I'm a practical sort of host.

 And here is the light fixture, from Royal Lighting (in Toronto).

And finally, this is my failed attempt to capture the entire room in one photo. You can see my arms holding the camera in sideways blindly firing off shots. Whatever.

All in all, I think I created a really nice place for guests to pee in my home!

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