Pinterest fun at naptime

My daughter doesn't always nap in the afternoon, but when she does I try to spend part of it doing something relaxing. Nap time can't be all netflix and internet surfing floor mopping and toilet cleaning!! Am I right? Ha.

Inspired by this pin (note, link goes nowheresville):

I picked up some Christmas scrapbook paper, grabbed a fine tip black pen, and I copied the idea detail for detail.

Not my idea at all but a fun way to spend nap time and add some personality to gifts this Christmas!

William Ashley Warehouse Sale and more Wainscoting plans!

This past weekend was spent checking out sales around Toronto. First we headed to 1212 Decor's liquidation sale, lured by the promises of 50% off furniture and art, and 40% off accessories. We had fun browsing, but left empty handed as 50% off a chair that was $4000 to begin with is certainly no bargain to us!

Photo from

On Sunday we headed to William Ashley's warehouse sale. This was my first time going but it's an annual event that draws quite the crowd. We we arrived we saw they had portable washrooms and a tented line-up which surprised me (and turned me off). We waited about half an hour to get in, and I was second guessing our decision the entire time. However the controlled entry actually made browsing inside tolerable. It was slammed but people weren't grabby or pushy and there were literally staff members everywhere to help.

We went because we've been looking for a formal flatware set for a while now, and totally scored! We bought this 60 piece (12 place settings) stainless steel for just under $300, down from around $800.

I also found this awesome deer head bowl for $20.

 Some Christmassy tea towels (don't remember how much, maybe $3.99?)

And my birthday present, a 6.75 Le Creuset oval french oven. It was $219, down from $375!!

They also had tons of Christmas decorations, but by the time we got there we were both a little exhausted. Good times though!

We also began installation of (faux) wainscoting in our kitchen/family room this weekend. We love how it looks in our dining room so much that our plan is to slowly add moldings to the rest of the house over the next few years.

It will help to break up and add character to the somewhat stark walls we have in our kitchen.

Here is our little office area/computer station (which doesn't get used because that is not a proper desk and it's uncomfortable to sit at):

And we're also installing the moldings over here, next to our kitchen table. 

One day I'll show pictures of my whole kitchen on here, but I can't do that until I can successfully clear the piles of dirty dishes and stacks of mail off the surfaces for once in my life. 

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