When we moved into our new house, I was most excited about putting together Sophia's playroom. The basement is split into two parts, a 'flex' space, and a large main room that we'll one day turn into a family/rec/screening room (see house tour for picture). The flex space seemed perfect for a playroom! A whole room - just for Sophia. And more importantly, all of her noisiest toys.  She's too young to play downstairs by her self just yet, but some day soon it will be exclusively her domain. Go ahead, spill fingerpaints on the carpet, young child. I DON'T CARE.

I didn't even bother to unbeige these walls. While they definitely need a coat of paint (scuffs and fingerprints everywhere), I think it's smart to wait since it's just going to get even more beat up.

This room was almost entirely furnished by Ikea. Mammut table and chairs, Expedit bookshelves, Busa playtunnel. I painted the chalkboard wall, which I'm sure Sophia will love one day. Once I buy chalk.

The bookshelves could use some baskets or buckets to hide the junk (because she's only a year old, the junk is going to multiply whether I like it or not).

I made the art with some cheap walmart frames, and scrapbooking paper. One day they'll even get hung up!

I love it. Sophia loves it too. See?

                                                     Taking a break...contemplating which toy to play with next...

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