She's 1, now what?

The point of this blog thing that no one will ever read:

My daughter turned one on December 31st. Yeah, new year's eve!! Party!! She was born at 10:52pm to be exact, 1 hour and 8 minutes away from being born at midnight and getting her picture in the local paper. I stayed home with her her entire first year, and am planning to continue staying home with her for now. Three reasons: Because I'm lucky, because I don't want to miss a thing, and because I hate working, it blows.

The first year of a child's life is a series of great milestones and achievements, I felt like I had this month by month checklist of things that she would/should be accomplishing. That was my job - to feed/change/rock to sleep, and to endlessly consult my psycho mom checklist to make sure she was sitting/crawling/standing on time. Now we've made it to a year and I can relax a bit and refocus my attention on things I used to love, like brushing my hair and reading books that don't catalog all the various childhood illness that my kid probably has. Also,  try and focus my limited attention span on something constructive, like this blog!

We also recently bought a new house. It's a blank slate of epically beige proportions, beautiful spaces and so much potential. So this is where I'll chronicle our life, as we raise our awesome kid,  and create the perfect home for her to grow in!

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