Scary Blank Walls II: Gallery walls for everyone

If you're on Pinterest, you'll know that gallery walls are all the rage right now. Well maybe they've always been popular but it seems people on Pinterest really like them. Here's a few examples...oh wait the search function on Pinterest is broken again. WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO PINTEREST. Ok, over to you google.

The matchymatchy:

The anti-matchymatchy:


 The 'where did the wall go':


So in an effort to beat yet another scary blank wall (SBW) into submission, I gathered up a bunch of frames I already had. These used to form a gallery wall along the staircase in our old house. I wonder how pissed the new owners were when they moved in and saw all the holes.

There are all kind of tutorials about how to 'create' a gallery wall. Mostly they involve spending hours cutting out templates of your frames and taping them to the wall.


Yeah ummm who has the time patience for that? I would rather freestyle because I'm a lazy good for nothing rebel like that.

Basically I *briefly* laid out my frames on the floor until I was happy with how they looked, identified the centre frames, nailed those to the wall first, and then worked outwards from there, trying to keep a uniform spacing between each frame. I admit as it stands right now, it could maybe take up more space, or involve more colour. I can still add to it, or swap out frames if I want it to look less 'matchymatchy' and more eclectic!

Look, a cute baby!

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