Scary blank walls

New (bigger) house + pathetically curated art collection + poor taste in art in general = lots and lots of very scary blank walls in my house. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me. It's like, I know I despise blank walls, but I just can't commit to putting anything on them.

The space over our living room couch was bothering me in particular. It's the first room you can see when you enter our house, and it's the only thing you can see if you happen to be peeking in the front window. What will the neighbours think!?! Will they think we're squatters? Weird Scandinavian minimalists? Puritans? Something had to be done. Fast.

I didn't want to commit to anything expensive, given that I sometimes don't know when things are ugly. So I took a trip to Ikea. For fro-yo! And also, 8 of these:

(Malma Frames, $2.99cdn)

Then I picked up some Krylon spray paint in sterling silver at Michael's.

 Then I strapped on my face mask, trudged out to the shed and spray painted the suckers! Tip: wear rubber gloves, because the paint drips and goes all over your trigger finger. I was like gold finger, only with a silver finger! He loves only silver...only silver...he loves only silver (not the same!)

Finally, because I have a fear of commitment, I picked up some 3M command strips,

 And with the help of my husband and his cool new laser level Christmas present, stuck them on the dreaded blank wall! This is what we got:

Extreme close-up:

Whew, glad that's taken care of! Now the neighbours will think we're perfectly normal....for now.

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