Bar cart mania

I'm so completely obsessed with bar carts and realized that I need to own one urgently.

My obsession started when I saw this picture while I was browsing (which I also just discovered):

It's a gorgeous bar cart for sale for $515 on They obviously don't ship to Canada. I love the idea of using a bar cart as a side table in our living room. Currently we have two matching end tables, and I really want to break up the set so it's not so matchy. And since our dining room is adjacent to our living room, and we like to drink, why not throw a bar cart into the mix? (not sure what the original source is, sorry!)

Ballard has one for $349, plus probably $1000 for shipping and duties.

Obviously a good bar cart is on wheels, I love the big wheel on this one:

So off I go on a feverish Craiglist hunt - and don't I hit gold on the first try??


I should buy a lottery ticket. I emailed the seller and she has promised to hold it for me until Friday since she's pretty far away and that's the soonest I can get out there. I know how the Craiglist world works though and there's always the risk another buyer will steal it from me.

If all the stars align, and I can make this CL bar cart mine this Friday, it's going to go right here at the end of the couch:

Sorry - iPhone photo. I was too excited to take a real picture.


I'll be back on Friday with a post about my (cross fingers) new bar cart!! And also how much I paid.

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