A bar cart is the best cart


I decided I had to have a bar cart after seeing a few pictures of them in living rooms, hit up Kijiji (just like Craiglist) and immediately found this amazing cart. 


 It was listed as "vintage bar cart", and was priced at $45. I ended up getting it for $40 because one of the wheels had fallen off. I quickly fixed it with a new pin.

I put it at the end of our couch, where it now acts as part end table, and part boozy vehicle.

I've stored some overflow Perrier, mixing tools, ice bucket and a handy whiskey reference guide on the bottom shelf. One day I'll probably use the area to display some of my nicer glasses, but right now I have a toddler, so...

 I love the detailing on this cart.


I love that it's such a unique replacement for a regular end table.

Definitely the best second hand thing I've ever found.


  1. 45 bucks is it? A STEAL! It it lovely!!

  2. I LOVE it!! I'm a bit envious of your boozy vehicle and I love it as a replacement for a regular sidetable. Definitely more interesting. Color me inspired, I'm off to peruse my local Craigslist! I have a bar area in our dining room, but who doesn't need a cart for those days when you just can't move any farther than your seat? ;-)

  3. Love the bar cart!! Great find :))


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