A peek in my closet

I'm always obsessed with looking in other people's closets. A favourite pastime of mine is watching closet tours on You Tube, dying a little at how big some people's closets are and secretly hating them because they have nicer things than me. While I haven't painted the closet yet (still beige!) and there's still a boob light on the ceiling that I won't bore you with, I still wanted to give a little peek inside our closet. Let's call this the "before".

This is one side - the door opens inward, and just about touches the shoe rack on the left side.  The shoe rack is quite large, with 8 racks that can fit 3-4 pairs of shoes on each rack. I don't love the wire "rack" look of it, not to mention it's tricky to store shoes with heels on it, but it doesn't bother me enough to change it. I don't wear 80% of my shoes anymore, since I'm a stay at home mom and my days consist of going to the park, play dates and the gym. Anyways, this whole side, and the back wall is all mine.

In the cubbies I keep my jeans, shorts, heavy sweaters in the winter and my handbags. I used to have a lot more handbags but they were all stolen :( So it looks a little sad and empty.  (I talked more about that here).

And then on the ride hand side, I also have some more space for my dresses. Husband has the rest of the space (all the cubby space you see and two levels of rack for his shirts - which you can't really see. 

As I'm looking at these pictures I realize our folding skills could use some work. 

This is one of my cubbies where I keep my pretty clutches and some jewellery. The little handbag hanging on the wall is vintage and belonged to my grandmother. Luckily it was still at my parents house until recently so it wasn't stolen. The white clutch (from BCBG in case anyone is wondering, haha) and the python print bag (Michael Kors outlet) were recent acquisitions using my insurance settlement. The black bag in the middle is a favourite Kade Spade of mine that the thieves somehow missed (or maybe it wasn't their style! Zing!).

I bought this print from an Etsy shop called I See Noise. It's so pretty plus the artist is Canadian (big up Canada!!). I picked up the frame at Home Sense. I made the necklace.

This is one of my favourite candles - Havana by Tocca. I don't burn it because I love it so much I don't want it to finish plus I find it gives off a good amount of scent just sitting there. I can't really describe the scent - musky? I don't know.(update: just checked the Tocca website and it's described as having notes of sugarcane and rum. So it smells boozy. That's why I like it.)

One day I'm going to have to just man up and empty out the closet for painting but I just can't face it. I need a pep talk. I also want to get a pretty light fixture and some nice boxes or containers (the clear containers, while useful are fugly and oversized).

Hope you skimmed through with marginal interest enjoyed my closet tour!


  1. I enjoy peeking in peoples closets too. I didnt know about the closet tours on pinterest...now i know what im doing tonight!

  2. Thank you Teresa for featuring my print in your closet it looks fab!

    Randa xoxo


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