Our headboard has arrived!

Our headboard has finally arrived! It's from Crate and Barrel and it took about 7 very long weeks. SUCH an eternity! (#firstworldproblems much?)

It may be slightly dramatic to say that it has changed my sleeping experience, but I really do feel like everything is just so much cozier. Squishier or fluffier even.

We chose our fabric in Montego White, and the nailhead trim is Micro Nickel #10.

Crate and Barrel Curve King headboard

We're on the hunt for a new white duvet cover and bed skirt, as the one we currently have on the bed is a Queen, and is causing some major mattress butt crack to show!


I'm also on the hunt for some new throw pillows for the bed. Our current pillows feel tired to me now. I love several on Tonic Living, but I'm still deciding what combination will look the awesome-est.

They have so many that I like...but here's one ghetto Powerpoint mock-up:

I dunno...I'm still trying to decide which and how much accent colour I want to throw in. Maybe lots of colour, maybe not, maybe I'll just keep it calm. I should probably find a duvet cover first but I'm having trouble finding one that I like (which is absurd since all I want is a white one). But I'm not finding a lot of options out there. I'll save my Shopping-in-Canada rant for another day. Maybe tomorrow. BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL EXTRA RANTY.


  1. Gorgeous headboard...lucky! I totally feel you though, sometimes these color decisions take some time. I'm going on...I don't know....forever!! with my master bedroom. No worries, it'll come to you ;)

  2. oh wow it really is beautiful! sweet dreams :)


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