Going Outside

I haven't spent a whole lot of time inside lately, so as a result all of our interior updates have been on hold (except for Slooooowwwwllllyyyy updating our master bedroom). Our big plans for the basement rec room, dining room walls and our hallway reading nook have been shelved until fall.

I am extremely happy with our backyard right now however. It's really our first real backyard - with actual grass and entirely no need for shoes.

We've made two sitting areas - a "living room":

Seating from The Bay, pillows and kiddie chair from Real Canadian Superstore

And a "dining room":

Patio umbrella from Pier 1, wicker chairs from Homesense, table from Canadian Tire and metal chairs from Home Depot

Yeah the grass is a little dry (it's been so hot and dry I'm surprised Toronto hasn't lit on fire) and we're battling clover and crab grass but it's lovely to spend all day, every day, going in and out through the screen door in our bare feet and just spraying ourselves with the hose when we get too hot.

Oh, and not to mention having room to grow vegetables!

Tomato plants. Not the prettiest of plants, but the yummiest!!

Beefsteak tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

A lone bell pepper
Our cucumber plant is growing up around our little Buddha statue. I don't know why but the way the cucumbers are sitting in his arms make me giggle. 

Field cucumbers

If you are hungry, here take my pickle....cause I love the way you call me baby...and you take me the way I am....

I'm heading outside!


  1. I'm also enjoying the buddha with pickle..hilarious! I love happy accidents like that!

    Your yard is lovely! I love the lounging area and your fence! Our fence is see through chain link (necessary for the dogs but no privacy) and I envy what seems to be..in your yard..total privacy! I have a few weird neighbors. One lady who just kind of stares and if you wave, she just keeps staring. yes, it's "awesome".


    Have a great weekend!


    1. Haha - that sounds awesome! I love awkward neighbours. One of my fave movies is The Burbs.



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