DIY watercolour art

I am not good at buying art. My exposure to "art" is generally limited to two aisles at Homesense. You can find some cute stuff there but mostly I feel like the stuff I see is best reserved for home stagers or people that just need something, anything on the wall. It never feels original enough.

I could spend hours trawling through flea markets but I don't have the time. I could go to art galleries but I don't have the money or the time. I could buy art online but I like when art finds me, not the other way around (that sounds weird - I mean I have trouble searching through the thousands of amazing (and some not so amazing) Etsy stores. Sometimes when you look too long you're not sure what's nice anymore). So usually I only buy art when I'm not looking for it (for example the vintage baby prints I found in Stratford). Or, I always thought I wanted to try making my own art. I'm forever pinning other people's DIY stuff, so I thought why not give it a try.

I wanted to fill these frames in our bedroom:

I saw this DIY ombre watercolour art from Emily at

A lot of DIY artwork I see I'm usually like, oh hellz no. But I think these are ridiculously cute. I picked up some frames and some watercolour paints and got to copying.

She used gold frames whereas I the frames I picked up are more champagne. And, I didn't so much attempt ombre as I did use two different colours, blue and yellow.

Seeing it up in the bedroom, I realize I could replace them with something cheerier. To be fair, I did paint them while watching Sarah's Key. So it may reflect that!

But I think for now they work. It was my first time really painting anything (besides a wall) and it was pretty relaxing! And depending on what colour accent pillows I go for on our bed (once we finally pick a duvet cover - more on that soon!) I might switch them out for something different, to complement.

All in all, not a bad way to spend nap time.

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