Oh hey there!

Well apparently I forgot that my little blog even existed. Well not really forgot but I completely became at a loss for what to blog about. I'm still in California, however not really doing anything that I deemed blog-worthy. I have a home decor blog...and I don't even live in my home right now.

I don't want to put my blog in a box though! It is unbeige-my-heart after all, not just unbeige-my-walls.

So I thought I share a little of our adventures to date. This is what our life has looked like for the past three months:

Visits from grandma, and a trip to the beach

Visits from friends (this is Santa Barbara - and those are my best friend's legs)

We only seem to go to the beach when visitors are in town. We've never gone on our own. Not sure why! Well...I think I know why. It's a pain in the ass! Driving anywhere further than the grocery store is an exercise in patience.

LA Traffic!! Pretty full on. ^^look at my pipes!^^

Although, we had excellent gridlock preparation coming from Toronto. My Toronto peeps can back me up on that one.

Neighbourhood (excuse me - neighborhood) walks.

Speaking of missing u's...my daughter has started attending a local preschool 4 days a week. American preschool. She says things like 'I'm going to go throw this in the trash' (which to me is super-American but maybe I'm the only one), and WXYandZEEEEE. No matter how many times I tell her it's ZED ;)

And, because this is Los Angeles (or maybe she just watches a lot of Dora), she calls penguins 'pengiunos'. She seems to know the english word for all other animals except this one. (By the way, I find this amusing and amazing, I don't have a problem with it!)

 Little training-chopsticks!
We don't go out for dinner a lot because dining out with a 2 years old is masochistic, but when we do go out we eat a lot of sushi. Well, my husband and I eat sushi, and my daughter eats the karaage (that's fried chicken for you non-Japanese speakers). The sushi restaurants in LA are amazing. After 5 years of living in Vancouver (best sushi in the WORLD) many moons ago, and then returning to Toronto where the sushi is best compared to rotting gelatin, this is very exciting for us. 
TARGET!! Nuff said. Check out the randomness that is a trip to Target. Now available in Canada!

Home Decor topic alert! We did buy a toddler bed, Minnie Mouse comforter, area rug and table lamp for my daughter to personalize her room a little bit. Her room is a very bland empty room with only a dresser and an ugly sleigh bed (which we shoved aside). Such is life in a furnished rental. Definitely not glamorous. I won't be showing pictures of said room because despite the colourful Disney accessories it still looks like a baby flophouse. Temporary...a word I say to myself a lot.

And of course, the odd touristy thing thrown in for good measure. This was taken during a tour of Warner Brother's Studio. If you don't recognize that couch you're probably too young to be my friend.
Well that's our life! I may be back with more soon. We'll see! Some of my favourite blogs are "lifestyle" blogs, featuring a little bit of everything. I like lots of stuff, so maybe I'll give this a try. Hopefully someone sticks around to read it!

Ahem - "Is this thing on"?? Ha.


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  2. im sticking around! glad you are enjoying life. and im jealous you are sitting on that couch. JEALOUS.


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