Unbeige My Heart goes south of the border

No, not Mexico. The other border! I'm Canadian yo!

January seems to be a quiet blogging time as it is, but I didn't want to let it slip into February without explaining where Unbeige My Heart has gone. The fam and I packed up some suitcases and went to sunny Los Angeles for the first half of 2013. It's a temporary move, giving us respite from the cruel Toronto winter, and allowing my husband to explore the American job market.

This is me. And that's the Hollywood sign. And it's January and I'm NOT WEARING A COAT.

My brother has been living in our house in Toronto (AHEM - are you using a coaster under that beer bro?), and we've rented a furnished house in an area of LA called Toluca Lake. It's suburban (like most of LA), friendly and quiet. Despite the fact that we're living in a tourist haven, my husband has still been working like crazy (albeit from home) and I've been passing the time much like I did in Toronto, only with less shivering, less ice scraping, and more time spent outdoors. Although we did get a chance to pop down to Disneyland, so my daughter could do this:

This hug lingered for an awkwardly long time. Good thing she's 2 and can get away with it.

For the next 5 months or so, I'm not really sure how this blog is going to look. Maybe it will detour into somewhat of a lifestyle blog...we'll see how interesting life is over the next little while. It does feel a bit like we've unbeiged our lives, if only just temporarily!

But I hope you'll stick with me and see where it goes! Looking ahead to our return to Toronto, we're planning some exciting room renovations (the basement and maybe another bathroom) as well as some outdoor landscaping projects that I'm really psyched about.

Well, I'm off to go smell the flowers in my backyard. Literally:)


  1. ooo toluca lake is also a celebrity spot, let us know who you see out and about!!

    1. Will do!! I have already seen the air marshall from Bridesmaids, twice. (hope he doesn't think I'm stalking him!)


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