Sometimes it's the little things

We have a to-do list in our house that is a mile long. Like we're talking entire empty rooms that need filling. Stark beige walls and bare surfaces abound. Sometimes you can hear an echo. And sometimes it overwhelms me to the point where I'm paralyzed and can't do anything. See my previous post for an example. Yep it's still empty. Lame.

It doesn't help that money isn't exactly falling from the sky right now. Lesson learned, if you buy a bigger house, you might not be able to afford to put anything in it! So, major furniture purchases (i.e. sectional, tables and bookshelves for the extremely empty basement) postponed, I can choose to focus on little things that make me happy and fill our house with cozy touches.

Turning my focus outside, I found three little tin pots at Michael's for 50% off. I used leftover chalkboard paint from Sophia's playroom to label them.

I had husband drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

I chose a Genovese basil plant (delicious), Rosemary (delicious) and a Lavender (for nothing other than wandering over and sniffing once in a while).


It's the little things right?

Now I just need the sun to come out!


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