Failure to launch

Our upstairs hallway has a little nook. It's a great little space - there's so many things you could do with it. It could be a reading area, a little office/computer space, or a crafting area. Currently ours is a sad, empty little space. I feel sad for it every time I walk past it.

This is our upstairs hallway, you can see where the nook is:

One side of the nook:

And the other:

The Crate and Barrel leaning bookshelf came with us from our last house, and the chair I bought for super cheap on a whim at Homesense, without really thinking what I was going to do with the space and how it would fit in. I like it, I just think I should have thought it through more (something you don't have the luxury of doing at Homesense).

I'm having SO MUCH trouble getting started on this space because I know I want to paint the hallways (meaning the entire downstairs would have to be painted as well) and the disruption and cost to have that done is more than I want right now. It's not that it's a bad colour, it's just that it's incredibly boring, in that sterile model home way.

We agree that we want it to be a 'reading' area. I highly doubt anyone will actually sit there and read a whole book, but I would love to use the space to relax and look through our old books, and magazines.

I want it to be cozy, warm and inviting, and I think it needs the following things:

- rug
- window panels
- floor lamp
- a more substantial bookshelf (and more books!!)
- art
- a magazine rack
- a small table

And not to mention - some colour! That's a lot for that space, maybe. But I can do it!

I love big fluffy shaggy rugs. I could start with this one:
Ikea Rug. Yes I realize it doesn't involve any colour.
I love the idea of horizontal striped window panels. I'll never find any at a price that I like in a store, so I'll DIY them, using this easy tutorial. Maybe in orange? Or turquoise?

Source. There's some colour for ya

A floor lamp:

Source. I can find something cheaper fo sho.

That's not a bad start! I don't think any of those choices will hinder my future hall painting endeavors. I need to get better at buying key pieces though - while I like that chair, I think I panicked a bit and bought something that doesn't really fit with my overall style.  Now I have to work around it/with it. I guess that's all part of the challenge! It's rare to start with nothing.


  1. You should totally turn that into a library ala Making it Lovely ( What a wonderful space!

    1. Totally! I was definitely thinking I need more shelf space for sure. I love what she did.

  2. Came over from Better After to look at your glam bathroom - especially love the mirror and wallpaper - and stayed to look around a little. It looks like you could start by just painting the nook, which would set it off and give you a little start without committing to painting everything else at the same time. Looks like a great space for a library / reading nook. Have fun with it!

    Barbara H.


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