ReStore Find: Occasional chair (before)

On the heels of my fun bracelet stand find at Goodwill, I was inspired to keep thrift store treasure hunting. Our house is still half empty, and we're not really wanting to make huge expenditures at the moment, so we're leaving it like that. It is just the three of us after all.

There is no harm in collecting some used pieces for cheap though! I found this chair at my local ReStore for $25. That actually might be kind of expensive for this chair, I really have no idea. I also really don't care since I think Habitat is a pretty great charity and if my $25 helps pay for part of a house it's all good. Karma, baby.

I just saw great legs, a pretty back and a fairly straightforward re-upholstery job for a complete beginner like me.

Check out what the previous owners chose for the upholstery - I believe that is florescent zig-zag duct tape folks. NICE. Do not adjust your screen.

Won't you take me to...Funky Town???

I've ordered this fabric from Tonic Living:

I'm also planning to paint the chair white.

I think I'd like this chair to live in our guest room, or perhaps in our master bedroom in my future makeup/vanity table area. We'll see!

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