Bedroom beginnings

This is the current state of our master bedroom:

I'm only showing you the half-decent bits here. For one, the wall colour, which is Sherwin Williams Essential Gray. It's totally gray, and then in some light (evening) it almost looks lilic-ish. Which I don't mind.

I've added curtains, from InVu on Yonge Street (who are no longer in business, sad-face). I like the trellis pattern, despite the fact that perhaps it's a bit "last year". They were a risky choice considering I hadn't found a duvet cover for our bed yet. But they were like 98% off, soooo....

Sorry if the picture quality hurts your eyes
Speaking of our bed, when we moved we upgraded to a king-size mattress, but we still have a queen duvet and duvet cover on there, as I haven't found a replacement yet. There is lot's of naked mattress hanging out for sure. Our current duvet cover is now discontinued and that makes me so sad, because I LOVE it. Here's a better picture of it from the internet:

Since I'll never find anything similar that I like quite as much, I'm on the hunt for the perfect white duvet cover. Boring, maybe, but I'm going to get crazy with some exciting throw pillows!

In the meantime, I'm waiting for our headboard to arrive, from Crate and Barrel:

I'm excited to get our room finished. It's certainly taking a while!


  1. I love your wall color. i don't mind that it's kinda lilacy either. Lilac is so pretty :) I like your style too!

  2. I have a white duvet cover, it may be kind of boring but it gives you more room to play in other areas! (at least, that is totally what I am telling myself)
    Thanks for the comment on my jewelry and gallery wall, I am sort of embarrassed to say that our master bedroom makeover is STILL not done. The whole money not growing on trees thing;)

    Ps- I saw you on better after, and am super happy to have found you!

    1. This is what I thought as well...pillows, throws, even quilts! I'm sure ours won't be done for quite a while either :)

  3. patience, patience, I am sure, little by little everything will fall into place. I also had a loooong time decorating our master bedroom, after all, it is our sanctuary right? anyway, I can't wait how you will put this room together, with your tastes, I'm sure it will be a dream room! :-)


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