Less pinning, more doing!!

I've pinned what seems like a hundred things I want to try on Pinterest, and haven't really done any of them. Now that the weather is unseasonably warm hot, it's time to grab the spray paint and head outside! And also maybe start getting really worried for the polar bears.

I saw this tutorial on www.itsoverflowing.com, and although I had never seen the original at Anthropologie, thought it was kinda cute and wanted to try. I had a boring old Ikea vase sitting around that I could sacrifice.

The vase had sort of an off-white matte finish, so I started by spray painting is a glossy true white.

 Ok, so not the most dramatic transformation ever. Let's add a flower!!

Faux fleur, Home Sense $12.99
 I couldn't decide if this fake flower was ugly or not, but since it combined two big trends - orange and newsprint, I decided to go for it.

I snipped off the stem, and glued it to the vase. (No pictures of that because that would be supremely boring!)

Et voila!

Cleary I need to work on incorporating colour...that picture has a whole lotta white in it

A super easy craft for Spring. And by Spring I mean solar flare. It's 25 degrees here people!! (That's 25 degrees in Celsius, to clarify and so you don't think I'm a weirdo).


  1. I'm glad you posted this to Centsational Girl - I have some blah vases that I could easily dress up, too, but hadn't been inspired yet. I love the newspring flower!

  2. Cute vase-funny how you and Kate showcased vases-I'm your newest follower-stop on by for a visit!


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